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The Impact

Using passion to make an impact

The impact

We use our community as a force for good with positive impact for winemakers, wine lovers and the environment.

Our commitment

We will constantly monitor, innovate and invest to reduce waste and CO2 footprint. Being among the elite of eco-friendly brands, we help stop senseless behaviours at a time, when our planet needs more sense than ever. But we will also embrace consciousness with a more holistic approach. We believe in fairness and generosity, and we resent greed and piling up money. For us it is merely a tool to help create balance.

We are striving to become a certified B-corp by 2022

Our actions

We have made four pledges to ourselves, our community and the rest of the world.
And we want to make sure that we honour our commitment to this every year.

Commit to donate a percentage of our annual profits to charities our team believes in

Work on a dedicated plan to offset our operational footprint to become 100% CO2 neutral

Drive the evolution towards environmental neutral packaging solutions

Working virtually as a way of life, reducing paper, plastic and travel emissions

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