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The Mission

A revolution in quality and sustainability

The revolutionary recyclable wine cube from DearWineMaker is the new, logical and conscious way to enjoy quality wine. Wine, you would never have expected outside a bottle. With us, you will always get handpicked quality directly from real winemakers to your doorstep – in the most sustainable way…

We battle the bottle

The wine cube replaces almost 7 heavy glass bottles, and has an 8 times lower CO2 footprint. On top, cubes can be packed far more efficiently because of their compact shape.

Doorstep delivery

Say goodbye to queues, heavy bags and waste of time. We are here to make your life lighter. Just place your order online, lean back, and the rest is on us.

Handpicked quality

We focus on real wine craftsmen from real wineries. The ones who love what they do so much that you can taste it. They deserve it. And you deserve them.

Directly from the maker

Facilitating trade between winemakers and wine lovers, means that you get authentic wines directly from the source.

and magic

The compact cube takes less space in the kitchen or the fridge, where your wine stays fresh up to 6 weeks after opening. Then add some magic serving it in a carafe…


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in April


Domaine Durieu
The true
Côtes du Rhône


Grenache at



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