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With DearWineMaker you can be sure that there is always a real wine family behind the wines you are serving. People, who have mastered the craft for generations, with all the respect, love and care you need to create a superior product.

I have chosen among the best winemakers I have met, to offer you a varied choice between regions, tradition and innovation, as well as both daily and more festive wines. Wines, you would never expect to see outside a bottle.

And as a professional wine master, I guarantee that the wine cube is as uncompromising as it is logical, also when it comes to preserving these superior tastes. 

With our winemakers, we have eliminated the doubts about which vintages to drink when, and the general confusion that follows this topic. All our wines are selected to be enjoyed now. Without any further maturation. Just allow them to have some air before serving, preferably in a carafe.

If you don’t find all the answers on our website, you’re welcome to contact me here. In that case, I will personally get back to you within 2 days.

Thank you for choosing the better and more conscious way to enjoy wine.Kenneth Frøslev
Wine Master